Sulfur Processing

Sulfur processing is accomplished in our plants using four manufacturing methods, producing sulfurs described as: Milled sulfurs, Formed sulfurs, Emulsified sulfur, and Precipitated sulfur.

Milled Sulfurs

These products are produced using Raymond roller mills (pictured below) to grind to specific particle ranges. Additives such as dispersants, flow aids, and dust suppressants may be added to enhance product performance.

Formed Sulfurs

These products are produced by molding, drum flaking, or rotoforming, and then sized to meet specific needs. Additives may be used for degradability.

Emulsified Sulfur

These products are manufactured using homogenizing technology to create a water based suspension.

Precipitated Sulfur

Flowers of sulfur are distilled sulfurs of exceptional purity obtained by sublimation of sulfur vapor into particulate form in an inert atmosphere.