Industrial Sulfur Products

Industrial sulfurs are 99.5% minimum purity, processed into various physical shapes to provide a full range of particle sizes. This market includes pulp and paper, metals reclaiming, mining, steel, oil refining, and a multitude of other uses. Sulfur is also used in the public utilities sector as a scale inhibitor. Industrial sulfur is available as flakes, milled sulfur, formed pastilles, or formed briquettes. Flake sulfur can be screened to a variety of specifications.

Industrial sulfurs are available in bulk packaging, as well as 50 pound bags. Crimped and formed briquettes are available in 50 pound burlap bags, and 2000 pound super sacks.

Commercial Grades

Ground sulfurs milled to various specifications.

Arrow RollĀ® Refined Sulfur

A refined sulfur molded into half cylinder shaped bricks averaging .75 to 1.5 pounds each. Arrow RollĀ® sulfur is primarily used in oil refining, steel production, and secondary smelting.

Animal Feed Sulfur

The mineral sulfur has long been used, along with other minerals in nutrient supplements, for animal feeds and in salt blocks. This market is served with milled sulfur and crimped sulfur.

Granular / Pastille

Produced using rotoform technology to produce 4mm size "split pea" shaped particles.


Emulsified sulfur is produced by homogenization in water to form a 70% by weight dispersion. The particle size averages 2.5 microns.


Molten sulfur is flaked on water chilled drums and is available screened to various particle sizes.