Our History

Georgia Gulf Sulfur Corporation began operating in 1959 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Parramore and Griffin Seed Company in Valdosta, Georgia. The Georgia Gulf Sulfur manufacturing plant, located in Bainbridge, Georgia, was conceived and built to manufacture milled agricultural sulfur for the peanut, peach, and citrus industries.

During the mid-sixties, the advent of synthetic fungicides moved Georgia Gulf Sulfur into broader industrial sulfur markets. The resulting present day mix of EPA registered pesticides and trademarked products for the rubber, heavy industry, and specialty manufacturing industries has allowed Georgia Gulf Sulfur to grow and prosper through the years. Georgia Gulf Sulfur separated from the parent corporation in 1982 and became a privately held company.

Bainbridge Chemical Corporation, a homogenized sulfur manufacturer, specializing in fluid and flowable sulfurs, began operations at the Georgia Gulf Sulfur Bainbridge site in late 1983

In July 1988, Georgia Gulf Sulfur purchased Holly Industries in Acton, Ontario, Canada to further compliment expanding product lines and reach more distant markets in the United States as well as Canada. The Holly process equipment was moved to Acton in 1978 from a former FMC Corporation plant site in Burlington Ontario.

In January 1993, Georgia Gulf Sulfur purchased the Rhone-Poulenc sulfur plant in Freeport, Texas (previously operated as Stauffer Chemical Company) and renamed the facility S. F. Sulfur Corporation. There has been a sulfur processing plant operating at the Freeport site since 1916.

In June 1997,Georgia Gulf Sulfur purchased controlling interest in International Sulfur, Inc. of Mt. Pleasant, Texas. Operating in Houston, Texas since 1950, International Sulphur moved to Mt. Pleasant in 1969 to be near a sulfur source. A second plant in Middle Point Ohio was consolidated to the Mt. Pleasant location in 1986.

With these manufacturing plants located throughout North America, Georgia Gulf Sulfur enhances its long term commitment to quality and service, and obtains competitive shipping rates to markets in the Caribbean, South America, and the Pacific Rim.

- Jerry J. Jennett, CEO